Full Moon Calendar 2020
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"After having graced the inauguration of the muscat energy healing center oman, Mr Bakul Mehta said" Having center for the spread of pranic healing is a "Wonderful thought". In today's world everybody undergoes stress in various degrees, Pranic healing comes as a boon to relieve stress with no side afftects. The word of pranic healing should spread to all the communities in oman irrespective of their nationality or religion."
- Mr Bakul Mehta

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» Full Moon Calendar 2020 - According to NASA:

10th January 2:21 pm
9th February 2:33 am
9th March 1:48 pm
7th April 10:35 pm
7th May 1:48 pm
5th June 3:12 pm
5th July 12:44 am
3rd August 11:59am
2nd September 1:22 am
1st October 5:05 pm
30th November 4:30 am
29th December 10:28 pm

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